Why am I so nervous I’m nervous for things to open up and I have 3 kids I don’t want to get covid-19 I lost my God mother in april due to the virus my son had Kawasaki disease in December and now they say its linked to the coronavirus I don’t feel safe going anywhere and I only go out to do food shopping and I do not take my kids in the store my mother in law watching my kids while I get my food I just hope this virus doesn’t spread more because I feel like its going to get worse there’s a new strain of the virus in Massachusetts and that scares me I don’t even watch the news anymore because it makes my anxiety worse.

You’re not alone, I’m still nervous when I go grocery shopping. I think we’re doing too much too soon. But who am I? Until they come up with a vaccine I will only do what’s absolutely necessary. I’ll just use my common sense.