Should I go to the hospital??? Hi every1. I’m stuck in trying to decide if I should or should not. My daughter is having our very 1st grandchild in 4 weeks. She’s only allowed to bring one person with to stay possibly overnight for support through her delivery. Fue to the Coronavirus Pandemic spread. The father of baby has pretty much abandoned her. I am battling Systemic Diffuse Sclero for 4 years today. I have been on Methotrexate injections along with 14 other meds the entire time. My Pulmonologist has me on 2 inhalers daily to keep my lungs from getting so tight. With all that said, I’m feeling pretty good. Of course I’d like to be her person. It would bring my heart such joy to witness the birth of our very 1st little grandchild. Should I put on a mask and wing it!!!?

I think you definitely should be at the delivery. If you are concerned about anything I would discuss it with your doctors and daughter. I would think your daughter would want you there. I know I would want my mom there if I couldn’t have my baby daddy couldn’t be there.