Sarc & COVID-19 risk per FSR Hi fellow members, I received this from this Week’s Sarcoidosis News. If you are worried please click and read.… Thoughts and comments are welcome DJ

I don’t find this helpful because it does not provide details about the 31 patients. What are the ages of the ones who didn’t do well? If a person is 62 and has sarcoidosis and CKD, it seems to me that a virus that tends to cause inflammation so bad that more than half the people who require ventilators do not survive…this very limited amount of data does not provide me with any comfort. I will continue to assume that I am at high risk until there is more data gathered with a scientific method. Did you ask people for the information or doctors/clinics/hospitals? Furthermore, some studies have shown that giving hydroxychloroquine to hospitalized COVID-19 patients did not help at all–in fact it caused harm.