Psoriasis: My Story, Thoughts, Opinions and Tips Hi, Thought I’d summarise my Psoriasis story and what I’ve learned. Hopefully, it helps someone or some people! It’s fun for me to write about this as I’ve never done it before. Some of the life experiences/ information might be a bit obsolete as they were during the 2000s when I didn’t know how to manage my Psoriasis – and it was all more dramatic then it should have been. Psoriasis from my experience is something you manage – and when you figure out the way that works for you, it is really not a big deal and doesn’t hold you back at all. (Disclaimer – this is all personal opinion/ experience – I’m sure there are many things people disagree with below, and please do reply and disagree if you do. Also, this is really written for someone in the early years of having Psoriasis – as these are the worst years and when you need advice). OVERVIEW: • I’m male, now 27, from Dublin, Ireland. Psoriasis types over the years have been guttate, plaque, inverse, scalp – however, I think of them all as just psoriasis. I would say I have had moderate psoriasis – not severe – but at times it has been pretty bad. TIMELINE: • In my childhood (9-11), I had the occasional small dab of Psoriasis – however, it was never diagnosed as it was so mild and not persistent. • When I was 12 though I was diagnosed as I had guttate and scalp psoriasis which was at least moderate (>5% of body). This is when the journey began. • From 12 – 17, I tried many topical treatments – these years were a mess – I’ll explain why a little lower down. • 18 – 19, I’d call these the phototherapy years • 20 – 21, The Coal Tar Solution • 21 – 25, I really don’t care years • 26 – 27, Moving back to Ireland – starting to care a little again – but a better head on my shoulders. ~12 years old

Hi like you i have suffered with psoriasis for over 20yrs. For a long time it was just the usual knees and elbow patches, but over the last couple of years it has got progressively worse, with large patches on my lower back, buttocks, legs and a big patch on my chest. About 12 months ago it also started to REALLY itch, and if i scratched it, which felt such a relief, it would bleed. I was a bit of a mess with it and even found sleeping painful as i has flare ups on both hips.
I spoke to my doctor who referred me to a local dermo consultant but i was told it would be quite a wait (in fact im still waiting), so in desperation i went online, did my own research, and decided that the only ‘treatment’ i hadn’t tried was narrowband UVB.
I found a local company which offered hire units, however they had none available as they were all out on hire so i purchased a unit (interest free) and it was the best thing i ever did. I use it up to 3 times a week for no more than 1 min 20 secs per side and my psoriasis has virtually cleared up. No more itching, no more flaking, no more angry red patches. It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that it has changed my life. It has certainly lifted my spirits and made me feel much more confident and outgoing.
The unit was from this company –…

I payed an initial deposit then £130 per month for 12 months.