Pandemic Bad news is it’s spreading. Death toll is rising.for some reason toilet paper of all things disappeared. I can understand rice and beans disappeared, but toilet paper? My fear is that we, cancer patients, will not get the best treatments if any. If all doctors and nurses are mobilized to help infected people who will treat us? Good news is FDA authorized a new test for coronavirus from Roche. Testing is very important. Korea was super efficient with testing and has the lowest death rate of 1%, whereas Iran has very inadequate testing and has the highest death rate. FDA approved clinical trials for an antiviral drug that kills multiple viruses including ebola, sars and coronavirus. It’s Gilead’s drug remdesivir.… Canadian researchers isolated the virus in the lab, Brazilians sequenced the whole viral genome from several strains (Italian strain was different than Chinese strain as the virus is mutating).

Unfortunately, I think the reality is that if, hypothetically, I’m sick with Covid and go to the hospital, and another younger and overall healthier person is sick with Covid and goes to the hospital, but there’s only one ventilator, they will give the person with more survival potential the vent. Would like to avoid that scenario. Fuck cancer. I hate being second rate.