Newly diagnosed stage 2 NSCLC Can someone please tell me what to expect as far as symptoms for lung cancer. I get very anxious with every little symptoms in my body. I have been experiencing chest pain, shortness of breath on and off throughout the day, difficulty falling asleep. I feel like my symptoms are getting worse day by day. Is it normal to me to feel this way? Because of the Coronavirus I will starting chemotherapy next week, surgery is postponed until coronavirus slows down. Any response would be helpful. Thanks

Welcome to the best club no one ever wants to join. You will find a ton of experience we can share to make your experience less scary (for me, the unknown was the scariest, and Inspire helped take that away).

A lot of us started to be more aware of changes in our bodies once we were diagnosed with cancer. For me, none of the changes were cancer-related, they were all just passing aches and pains or the result of getting older. I have let my care team know that I will report any change that doesn’t go away after a week or two or gets worse, so they know I will tell them everything. So far they have reassured me it’s not cancer-related, and it hasn’t been. Since being diagnosed in May 2016 with Stage 3B adenocarcinoma, and with subsequent progression to other lung and brain in 2017, I have stayed asymptomatic. The only long-term side effect of harsh chemoradiation in summer 2016 is peripheral neuropathy in feet and hands (since November 2016). For chemo, stay hydrated, keep moving, and report side effects to your care time ASAP. They have drugs to address most of them. For me, the worst were constipation, fatigue, and nausea – but for me, chemo only lasted a few months and here I am almost 4 years later and still doing well. No longer being treated, just monitored via CT (now at 4 months) and MRI (annual). Let us know how treatment goes, if you have any questions or concerns, and I wish you the best outcomes with minimal side effects!