New to the Community Hello everyone. I have joined as I am new to being on Humira (for psoriasis) and am currently very worried about the Coronavirus. I was interested in seeing what others are doing/how they are reacting to the possibility of getting the virus and if they are staying on or going off biologics at this point. My dermatologist wasn’t too worried… but since I already am immunodeficient (no spleen), 59 years old, and now further compromised due to Humira, I plan to go off of it for a bit to see if the virus blows over. On the upside, my psoriasis was really responding WELL to the Humira! No more scales after 1-1/2 months of treatment. I hate to go off, but clear skin isn’t worth the unknowns at this point to me. I hope warmer weather this Spring brings fewer cases and slows the spread of the virus. – Psoriasis for 40 years (59 years old) – began Humira just over a month ago – jr. high teacher (special needs) -splenectomy 1995 for Hereditary Spherocytosis -ALL immunizations were updated this past fall thankfully!

I would be extra careful if I was on a biological drug. When I was taken Humira I would get really sick and picked up all kinds of sickness. One time I was very close to be hospitalized. That is when my primary doctor stepped in and said you need to stop taken that drug. I am so glad I am not on any biological drugs anymore. Humira really helped me but it’s not worth being sick and the side effects from all of those drugs.