national convention in July in Seattle, Washington State I was really planning a trip to go to the national convention this year in Seattle. I was thinking it would be a great resource and an awesome way to connect with people. But I have to admit Im worried about how Seattle, Washington state has been affected by coronavirus. They have had 9 deaths, thus far. I can’t imagine how it will be in July when the conference is scheduled. So many of us are already immunocompromised. Any thoughts, or am I being over dramatic, and missing an opportunity to gather info and connect. I just wish it was in a state less affected by coronavirus. UGH

We aren’t sure what the Covid19 will be like then. I’d say if it was next week, next month or maybe a couple months away, I would be second guessing going. Hopefully before July, we’ll have more info and less to worry about. Our compromised systems don’t need anything more affecting us. We’re all struggling. Just my opinion.