My dad just told my mom he wants her dead. My dad let some people come over to our house today who had been exposed to coronavirus and we have a 1 week old baby living here so my sister in law said that no one can see there baby for 2 weeks because the people my dad invited over were just hanging out so now she’s worried that we could get it and give it to her baby. So then my mom was really upset that she won’t be able to see her grandchild for two weeks and they got in a fight because he’s the one who let the people come over knowing that they had been exposed to the coronavirus (they usually don’t fight because my mom doesn’t like confrontation) and she ended up saying “well why don’t I just go get coronavirus and die” and he said, “I can find some for you.” I literally wanted to punch him in the face. Now I don’t know what to do. I’m so overwhelmed. I have really bad OCD and anxiety in general and I can’t take it anymore. Now my mom is just really upset but she’s still just sitting there in her room with my dad and I hate him and I feel bad for her and I’m so stressed and I havent eaten or drunk anything for a day and a half.

Without knowing the history of your family dynamics or anything about your parents’ relationship, I honestly think it might sound and feel worse than it is under the intense circumstances that most everyone can relate to in one way or another.

I think talking to your dad (nicely, not accusatory) about how you feel and that it scares you that he even potentially would consider exposing you or your mom etc. to this virus makes stresses you out and that the fight he had with your mom upset you. See how that conversation goes and suggest maybe just a little note from him to her expressing that it was a regrettable situation that tempers should not have got so heated.

It doesn’t have to be “I’m so sorry etc.” bit rather just acknowledgment that it’s all gonna be ok and work out. A little sincere comfort lasts longer than a lot of cold shoulders. Talk to your dad.