Maintaining Pulmonary Health I was active in pulm rehab3x/week. Then the stupid coronavirus hit. and the rehab program..along with my motivation quit. I KNOW my pulmonary stamina/efficiency took a dive….if you are self motivated – don’t respond. If you are NOT, BUT have fought your way through this, PLEASE help

Hi, same thing here..Been going 2x aweek and then poof. I have no umphf to get going. Don,t understand.
I want to live on but being home its just like no i don,t want to do it…my husband is constantly yakking at me to do it maybe thats why? I do get out of breath more easily now then before but its because i also have gained 5 lbs more since staying in with covid19.
I have severe emphesema and im 68 yrs old..maybe you and me should console one another . lol