Is Now The Time To Quit Smoking/Vaping Due To COVID-19? There is growing discussion among health related sources that point to additional harm smoking tobacco and vaping products would have on individuals acquiring COVID-19. Several respected publications have clearly pointed out the need to quit, including THIS WEEK and INVERSE. In THIS WEEK, the Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO) urged people to stop smoking as “it can increase the risk of developing severe disease, if one becomes infected with COVID-19.” INVERSE ran an article, Smokers Who Want To Survive Coronavirus Should 100 % Quit. In that article, Panagis Galiatsatos, an associate professor at John Hopkins who studies pulmonary and critical care medicine and also national spokesperson for the American Lung Association said, “If you want to be prepared for a pandemic, 100 percent you should quit now.” There is increasing proposed legislation aimed to limit tobacco/vape consumption throughout this country which evolved out of a separate public health epidemic its use has caused. Shouldn’t our nation’s leaders, at this unprecedented time in our country’s history, end the sale of all these products, at least until this pandemic has been controlled?

That is just common sense! Of course smoking or vaping will increase your chances of getting sicker “if” you catch Coronavirus. Your chances are just as bad for regular pnamonia. By smoking you are damaging your lungs. I’m pretty sure anyone who smokes knows this. But then again, Coronavirus gives our highly paid scientists something new to “research”. As if their conclusions will differ from any other lung sickness.