I just need some support. Hello to all. I am brand new here. I was just diagnosed with lupus, literally two days ago. In the throws of the Coronavirus scare, I am scared to death. I live in an area with very poor healthcare, and will need to travel to see specialists. I am researching and reading everything I can get my hands on regarding lupus, but it is overwhelming. I don’t know enough about my own condition yet to know what to expect. In addition to dealing with a new diagnosis and a pandemic, I also have crippling anxiety which just makes everything worse. I am really just looking for some support, basic information, and for someone to tell me that I will be okay. Wishing you all the best.

Hello, has your doctor put you on medication for the Lupus?
Take your meds as prescribed, and do research to be better informed. Believe me we have all been through the anxiety and depression and fear that comes with a new diagnosis! Something you can do to help vent some of the anxiety that helps me is to keep a journal with what you eat, your symptoms that day, what activities you were able to do and even what the weather was like. Weather can effect Lupus symptoms! This will at least give you a sense of control and help you look back and see what works or helps.
Like I said you are not alone in this fight, check back often and post questions or just tell us what is going on. It has helped me a lot in the last year!!
All the best and my prayers are with you!