How to cope with feelings of being killed by diseases? Recently, I was evacuated from Wuhan, China where the Corona virus hit the most. I stayed there for more than 30 days inside my room isolated from the world which was one of the requirements of the university as a safety measure. I could not go out of the dormitory in no case whatsoever. This really took a huge mental tole. I developed severe anxiety and had panic attacks. I did not know that those were panic attacks at that time and i thought i was dying. I had no symptoms of the coronavirus but I seriously believed that I was dying. Although i was made sure that we were safe i would not believe it. After about 30 days, our country made arrangements to evacuate us from Wuhan. It was really hell on earth to travel back home especially because the day we had to leave, it snowed really heavy. We had to walk with our luggage for about an hour in the snow to reach the university gate. Took us around 10 hours to carry out procedures in the airport as well. But with god’s grace all of us came back safety to our country. But then again we were put in 14 days quarantine in a facility created for us. Now i am back home after numerous tests from the government proving we are free from the virus but still I went to the clinic and did my own tests. Still everything was fine. I had no problems but still I feel i am not well. After finding out from the doctor and being diagnosed with panic disorder and anxiety, my pulse rate is really high. The doctor did not prescribe me with any medication for my anxiety because she said i’m still young and the medication might create an addiction. I am coping with my anxiety on my own and finding out ways to deal with it. I have headaches on the right side of my head when i feel i’m being tensed and i feel pressure in my body. I have developed gastritis and taking medication for it. I have supportive parents and they are guiding me through it. But I do not feel like myself, at around 4-5pm in the evening, i start to have very negative thoughts which i cannot control. I develop irrational thoughts which i know are stupid but at that moment i feel they might come true. Please help. I need someone to talk to about it. I feel like i cannot talk to my parents about it even though i know they are supportive.

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