How Long Will a Vaccine Really Take? From the NY Times: “A vaccine would be the ultimate weapon against the coronavirus and the best route back to normal life. […] The grim truth behind this rosy forecast is that a vaccine probably won’t arrive any time soon. […] But if there was any time to fast-track a vaccine, it is now. So Times Opinion asked vaccine experts how we could condense the timeline and get a vaccine in the next few months instead of years.”…

My highest hope for a vaccine to work the best in whatever way is one from whatever company is hugely U S based or only U S based. Just don’t have a lot of trust in other countries hard hit by covid 19 being a help to the U S during the U S’s covid 19 hardships soon after or during other countries own hardships.

Personally I value Dr. Faucci (sp. ?) tho I wish he would be more strongly outspoken.

Maybe because the world has suffered so hugely this late winter early spring maybe nature will gift us with good help for the future.