How is APS affected by COVID-19? Hi everyone. My name is Norma. I found this site by doing a search to learn more about APS. I was diagnosed when I was about 34 (now I’m 48) when I went to an infertility specialist after 2 miscarriages. Turns out I was positive for APS. I had to have the immunoglobulin, heparin (during my pregnancy) and aspirin, they said for the rest of my life. I’ve never actually been to a specialist but now I’m becoming more and more worried. I’ve heard so much about how COVID-19 causes blood clots so I didn’t know how I would be affected if I got it. I’m a teacher and since they’re wanting us to return to the classroom, I’m terrified. I live in a zip code with the highest positive cases and I don’t know how to take all of that in.

Your instinct seems absolutely right. In my opinion a discussion with a hematologist is the way to go. You can get every question answered, and with school approaching that seems like what you need. Stay safe.