HELP w/ POWER BACKUP for OXYGEN DEPENDENT Hello fellow survivors, I’ve been diagnosed with SOAD – Severe Obstructive Airway Disease {BTW.. Never smoked a day in my life} & SFN – Small Fiber Neuropathy like Fibromyalgia During this Coronavirus Pandemic, I was informed to prepare. MOST IMPORTANT is AIR!!? Namely, POWER BACKUP for Concentrator when tanks run out 1. The house has Solar. I was wondering if anyone has info on tapping into Solar to store in battery for Backup? What battery? 2.If that’s not a good option, which GENERATOR do you all suugest? Any advice is appreciated I’m so OVERWHELMED!!!! Thank you TJ

TJ’s talking about a stationary concentrator, not a POC. Calling the provider abd asking about solar is a good idea, though they may have absolutely no idea of what you’re even talking about. I would also suggest you call the people who installed your solar and see what they say. As for a generator, you probably want one that will power more than your concentrator, so look for horsepower and ask the dealers what models they have the best luck with. Generally you’ll pay more for a reliable one with medium to high horsepower and the ability to power several different things like your heat and refrigerator.