Does it ever get better? Hi, i got an opportunity to study in Germany like I have always dreamed of,I am originally from Nigeria. On getting to Germany a faced a lot of challenges in my first 6 months ,all having to do with exams and finances ,as I had to sponsor myself,since I am not from a rich family or so. My first symptom was from march 2019 while I was still dealing with the difficulties of leaving alone, the symptom was a serious chest pain,my landlady at that time took me to the hospital after I complained that I couldn’t sleep,on getting to the hospital ,I expected the doctor to write me some pain killers so I could go home,but to my surprise he decided to admit me after getting the blood test. I was a bit scared. I had always considered myself as super healthy I was only in the hospital once and that was for malaria which is very common in Africa. Fast forward to January 2020 and then I have another episode this time I spent more time in the hospital, even when I didn’t have any pain any more,it became so frustrating as if that wasn’t bad enough I had to cover the whole cost(which I am still paying) because I had a bad insurance (not my fault ,I am from Africa and I’m not used to and don’t know much about insurance. Immediately I left the hospital I felt fit again. I always feel very good until I have a episode and I always feel better after 2 days in the hospital. Just last month I had another episode,I was so scared it was coronavirus and I was going to die, this time it was 25 days in the hospital even though I felt fine the 2nd day already,luckily fore I had WiFi so I was able to watch a movie. I feel so bad almost everyday. This is my first semester but I dropped out already, I had to drop out not just because of the disease but because my laptop suddenly got spoilt, I couldn’t afford a new one since I wasn’t working and I have a lot of debts. It only get worst, but I will say I am a strong person, I am only trying to get my life back now, I was told I can’t do any strenuous job,I don’t really have an option especially now when there’s shortage of job. I try to keep my ears open for any job that fit my prescription. Life is so difficult right now, I think about dropping dead one day with no one around and I get so scared! All I can do is believe all will be fine, take my medicine and get back to school when I can. That’s my story, Ibrahim.

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