Does BCG protect against COVID-19 (Corona Virus)? Recent articles suggest BCG May provide some protection against COVID-19. Personally I’ve had 18 doses for my bladder cancer (which didn’t stop it resulting in my RC). I’m wondering if any of you have have had BCG treatments for your BC have subsequently developed COVID-19. Here is a link to one of the articles bcg-protect-against-coronavirus-new-debate-over-old-vaccine/ar-BB128HgM?li=AAggbRN” rel=”external nofollow”> rus-new-debate-over-old-vaccine/ar-BB128HgM?li=AAggbRNThis is not official. Just curious.Dean

What was your aha moment. Was it because you had the BCG treatment & that protected you and your wife didn’t have the BCG? What medicine etc caused her hearing loss? It is disconcerting that treatment wasn’t effective overall but I wish you future healing. I continue to be on the fence regarding starting my first instillation Thursday? What is your opinion?