COVID (TAGS: SARS FLU COVID19 COVID-19 COVID2 COVID-2) Collagen disorder people are at a higher risk for complications. Add a mast cell disorder to that. So what does one do? Knowledge and an understanding of the issue is key. This is a comprehensive article that might thwart the mis-association of COVID with the flu or unintentional ignorance about the benefits of herd cooperation to contain or slow it down. I really don’t think this is just for young people. There are many people out there who are not aware and would act appropriately if they knew. Knowledge is everything. I wish you all good health.… Additionally, Life Extension, who were the first to create a supplemental cocktail for the HIV epidemic (and 3/4ths are still used today), put a very good article out:… And this article looks like it is currently being developed and updated as the date is 3/24/20:… I know people find Vit D controversial. But folks do your homework. It modulates the cytokine reactions by affecting the macrophages. It’s the cytokine storm that causes the body to break down the lungs. It’s an over-the-top reaction of the immune system. 3/15/20 Adding this fantastic brief & concise explanation of COVID… quite good. Please pass on I know of several people who don’t understand fully why we need to join together to control this. Not doing so can affect critically ill people without COVID.

I would also be interested in why EDS makes people more vulnerable. Plus (as I keep stressing and annoying people with), we do not even know yet if hEDS is a collagen disorder.

Some of the rarer types with severe kyphosis, pectus deformities and cardiovascular problems may make complications from pneumonia more likely, and it is easier for germs to get into wounds on fragile skin, but otherwise I cannot think of any reason why EDS as such makes people more vulnerable to this virus.