coronavirus and lupus Thanks to Mr.Trump, My region witnessed a unwanted surge in HCQS demand and this resulted in supply shortage, Now since most of the folks are aware that there is no scientific evidence supporting trumps claim, I suffered due to lack of common sense and maturity of both politicians and general public, yah its damn easy to fool people and these politicians came into existence by exploiting our stupid brothers and sisters and they will continue to do so that’s how it works.

Every day I worry about my friends in the US. For the exact reasons you have pointed out.
The only other things not mentioned was stubbornness and selfishness. We have some of the same here in Canada as well.
I would like to gather them all up and put them on their own island somewhere and let their own stupidity and selfishness take it’s coarse.
Our politicians seem to have done better in the beginning though. But I am not so sure now. They seem to refuse to enforce appropriate behaviour re C19 now. Votes you know. So we get to live everyday in fear.
Although British Columbia I saw on the news is fed up and Seriously warning these adult children. They are the twenty-thirty age bracket. Partying and social media is all that is on their mind and in their minds.
Who do they think will pay their way when their parents and grandparents are gone?
Hang in there my friend, I pray everyday for us all. Keep extra safe because of those who are not. Callie