Coronavirus and graves disease Looking for some advice in light of the Coronavirus crisis. I had hyperthyroidism for 10 yrs which was recorded as Graves’ disease. After years of medication not controlling it properly and following a thyroid crash I had a total thyroid removal. So I now take 200mg levothyroxine each day. My question is, do I still have autoimmune even though my thyroid was removed? Graves’ disease is listed as an illness that would put me on the vulnerable list with regards to the Coronavirus, any advice appreciated

Because a few remaining autoimmune antibodies are not going to impact your ability to deflect this disease.

The thyroid cells are almost all gone, so any count of TPO antibodies and Thyroglobulin antibodies are going to be low.

Hyperthyroidism is likely to be a risk factor for any contagious disease.
It’s not just having antibodies, the risk comes from high Free-T4 and Free-T3.

Your thyroid hormones have been normalized now. And you have not been hyper for awhile. I dont think there’s additional risk now.

What are your Free-T4 and Free-T3 and TSH? Having good numbers is key.
That’s more important than whether you suffered from Graves disease.