Coronavirus and COP I was just diagnosed with COP this past Friday. It seems that Coronavirus seemed to ramp up in our area immediately following my diagnosis. Are any of you more concerned with COP and this virus? I am feeling concerned. I am an educator and mom. I know how to protect myself but also don’t want to be too cavalier if I am at a higher risk.

You are at higher risk not necessarily for catching – depending upon your area’s TODAY’s rate of spread – but definitely with your compromised respiratory system, you’re at risk for a more severe reaction to the virus IF you get it. Additionally, since you’re a “newbie” to this change, you need to up your game, substantially. I have listed my suggestions as I’ve had a compromised respiratory system for better than 2 decades so I’ve learned…

1) Wash your hands frequently throughout the day in warm, soapy water long enough to run Happy Birthday through your head. Repeat. Again. Long before the CDC’s recommendation to do this, Mayo Clinic said the 10 most contagious “things” are our fingers.
2) If you have not yet gotten your flu shot, do so now.
3) Get both pneumonia shots
4) Pay attention – close attention – to your right now breathing. If it changes, monitor the changes. Especially as the virus has a 2 to 14 day “window” before folks may become symptomatic, being consciously aware of any change in your breathing and monitoring these changes is a top priority.
5) Water…The recommended amount of water for folks with healthy lungs is 8 x 8 oz per day. For those of us with any compromise to our lungs, this is a good place to start. Why? Because water thins the “gunk” in our lungs and helps to bring it up and out. Yes, COP/BOOP is an inflammatory reaction but ALL our organs need water to be optimally productive.
6) Avoid “iffy” situations. Now, this means something different for each/all of us. Simply being more aware, more conscious, of any around us with sniffles, coughing, sneezing, etc. will call to our attention that yes, I need to leave. I can come shop later. I can/should/will (fill in).

Your priority is your health. Proactive steps like those above and others means you’re taking the situation seriously. It is not paranoid to not be cavalier. It is, rather, practical and pragmatic given the present circumstances.

Also, check with your local county, city, state for their preparedness. At the moment, that seems to be where the responses have been most intense, concentrated.

F.Y.I. There are more threads on COP/BOOP specifically, by typing in various word combinations into the search box, top right with magnifying glass.