Biologics Coronavirus I am 35 taking Humira for PSA. Spoke to my doctor the other day he said to just continue my normal routine. He normally says not to take the medicine until a cold or flu is present. I am Florida where the cases are increasing everyday. I have no idea what to do.

Hi there, I have been taking cosentyx for psoriasis and PSA. I made the decision to stop taking my medication due to the covid-19. It has been 1 week since my dose was due and I’m seeing surprising results already. Iv still not had any joint pain where as I usually have wrist and heel pain just after my injections..
My psoriasis is actually smaller and lighter than usual. My vision is better too with minimal dizziness. I’m quite looking forward to the next few weeks to see if this lasts or continues to improve. At least I will have half a chance if I catch this virus.