Are People with Lupus at higher risk for the Coronavirus? I have received various responses to this question. One of my physicians told me that since Lupus involves a hyper-active immune system, (as opposed to a depressed immune system), we therefore are not at a higher risk. However, others have told me that just simply because Lupus is an auto immune disorder, it automatically puts us at a higher risk for the virus. I have found over the years that no matter what it is that’s going around, I catch it quickly, and it generally is worse and lasts longer for me than the average person. Can someone please tell me if they have confirmation from a physician they trust, regarding our susceptibility, and category of risk? Thanks so much!

Sue: both the LFA (
and the Mayo Clinic (…) websites say that people with lupus are more prone to infections, even if not on immunosuppressants. I can’t locate a similar assertion on the Johns Hopkins website. However the Lupus Encyclopedia does state that there is an increased risk of infection that correlates with the disease activity. I have been warned by my rheumatologist in the past to stay 6 ft away from others, but he did not explicitly state that I was at increased risk.