Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, our vital community soars Together, we’re better is our mantra, and in this time of COVID-19, we are helping one another more than ever. As Inspire members, you are two million strong, and your words provide strength and support every day. If you haven’t yet, I invite you to join the COVID-19 community in a single click. We also created a COVID-19 live map for you to find resources, read what members are writing in real time, search for others, watch video created by your fellow members, and more. Some of our partners are joining us to provide incredible resources as well, such as this wonderful Ask the Expert session about COVID-19 with our partner the American Lung Association. Please share your stories and questions here, and we invite you to record a video of your experience to share as well. We’d love to know your thoughts and ideas, and your suggestions to help and support one another. Take care, Brian Loew Founder & CEO, Inspire

Deb, I hope and pray your husband is fine. Will keep you all and all families in my prayers for safety, healing when Ill, and peace.