Accessing a good diagnosis and medical treatment? I lost a lot of weight last summer and they never found out why. Then things got kicked into the long grrass. Under normal conditions the NHS is great at treating certain illnesses but it does not seem to be at all good at diagnosis. This time round they have at last done some investigation of my pancreas and found a cyst. I’ve read up about my symptoms and realised that actually what I’ve had.. for decades.. is pancreatitis but no one ever thought to investigate my pancreas before. It is, apparently, very common to have problems  of this kind (three hearty cheers for this website and for other sharing their experiences online.. thank you!) and if you find out early enough you can prevent it from becoming serious but doctors often don’t ask the right questions when someone turns up struggling to eat and with pain in the abdomen. Which is why now I am telling everyone I can think of.. “if you have a problem digesting fat.. don’t just dismiss it as “just a bit of IBS”, ask them to check for pancreatitis”. The national neurosis we’ve developed around this virus is such an awful blight. Lockdown has been terrible for mental health and now many people are being denied vital medical treatment. Last Saturday’s Times reported that oncologists are projecting that the number of excess deaths from delayed cancer treatment will in all likelihood now exceed those who die of coronavirus, unless policies change. I feel very sorry indeed for people who do not have family to drive them around and/ or who have not yet had this yet. I am pretty sure we had it in February fortunately because our eldest has Chinese friends and it was a bad bug but you just had to do what you usually do with a virus; take Zinc and Vitamin C, stay hydrated, rest & sleep and wait for it to pass. In order to have the medical investigation to check out the cyst for which I am scheduled next Tuesday, I have several hurdles to leap.  I cannot access the scheduled medical treatment which I need unless; – I agree not to meet friends, go shopping or attend church until after I have received the treatment, (watching Mass online this weekend..) – I agree to go all the way to another town this weekend to be tested; ( in a Tesco’s car park, 9.50 Saturday morning to a drive through pre-fab test centre! my husband took me this morning, it was all rather bizarre.) – the test is deemed negative -noone in my household has a cough or temperature Wish me luck! I earnestly hope and pray that good sense will prevail; that they will move to shielding those who feel the need (over 45 with immune system problems or respiratory problems) and relax about the rest of us potentially catching the bug . Hoping every one on here is managing to access medical care . Would be interested to hear your experiences of diagnosis etc. warmest regards, Karen *******************

Don’t forget igg4 Pancreatitis Related Disease. It’s autoimmune and most don’t get igg4 levels tested. Then they say the treatment puts one into remission, unless one has gastropareisis and anything taken by mouth is wasted heheh